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Welcome to the Hawaii Department of Education Internet Portal Web Site!

Hawaii Department of Education

  • So what is this "Internet Captive Portal"? The "Portal" is comprised of a cluster of Cisco Ironport appliances that are positioned at the perimeter of our network between the Internet and our internal network. The appliances are load balanced and are used to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic to the Internet.

  • All access to the Internet will go thru this "Portal". Users are captive to using the portal for Internet and web access.

What does the portal do?

  • Enforce the Department's Terms Of Use and Acceptable Use Policies. Users will need to agree to the terms and policies before access is allowed. When accessing the Internet via a browser, a mandatory web page will pop up which users will need to read and agree to by clicking on the "accept button".

  • Performs web content filtering & monitoring for outgoing traffic. Inappropriate web sites such as Pornography or Hate Crimes sites are filtered and access blocked.

  • Provide protection from viruses/malware by inspecting incoming web traffic and filtering them out. Infected or compromised web sites that are identified will get blacklisted and filtered.

  • Provide differentiated Internet access based on user identity (adult HiDOE employees i.e. admin/teacher/staff who login and authenticate will be given access to websites normally blocked for students such as social networking sites and other student restricted sites.) To comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) we are required to filter student access to offensive/inappropriate content over the Internet on school and library computers. Unfortunately, many social networking sites contain explicit and inappropriate content that needs to be filtered for students but these sites also contain legitimate educational content. Adult HiDOE employees will now have the ability to access these restricted sites and access data such as the President's or Congressional member's speeches on Facebook, Youtube and other such sites that can be used in their curriculum or for research.

  • Users who don't login & authenticate are treated as guests. Students are currently considered guests. Guest access filtered to comply with CIPA. Once we have a statewide student login data base (future capability), we will be able to provide age appropriate access. For example, high school/middle school students, who login & authenticate would be able to access Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Pregnancy related web sites while elementary students could be restricted.

  • Monitoring and logging. There should be no expectation of privacy.  The school computers/network/user accounts are the property of the HiDOE and subject to monitoring similar to school lockers.  All user Internet activities will be monitored and logged by login identity or IP addresses.  These logs can and will be used in any disciplinary actions as required for inappropriate use.

  • Provide training & tips. The Internet Portal will be used to distribute cybersafety warnings and tips with links to websites with cybersafety information and training.

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How to Configure and Setup your Browser to Use the "Internet Captive Portal"

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